This Changes Everything

Spectrum Reach’s exclusive TV planning tool puts our entire world of data intelligence to work right before your eyes in just four simple steps. The result is a highly-optimized TV campaign that reaches targeted audiences like never before.

Watch how it works:

How will AudienceApp benefit you and your business?

  1. Your advertising dollars work harder with more effective TV campaigns
    Plan and create more powerful campaigns based on specific audience viewing data within your geographic area to reach your target customer
  2. Fueled by Data--a smarter data-driven approach to media planning
    Intelligent, intuitive, robust viewing data about our customers and their viewing habits are anonymously aggregated, building impactful campaigns powered by Spectrum’s Proprietary Set-Top Box Viewership Data appended with Third-Party consumer data attributes
  3. Transparency
    Real-time inventory allows you to participate in planning the ideal combination of audiences, geographies, networks and dayparts – all in a live setting

Take a glimpse at what AudienceApp can do for your business and schedule a free demo below: